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i, wanted to wait to make sure that 49erLBSU recieved your

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i, wanted to wait to make sure that 49erLBSU recieved your bonus..Here is a little bit of a specific for that same time period of mixed martial-arts promotion ..the information that i am looking for references on says that that it was one of the first ''ULTIMATE" qualityevents in CA. ATTRACTING BOTH iNDEMAND and DIRECTV.and i do not know if this helps butthe name of a COLLEEN GALLOWAY, supposedly an event coordinator for DIRECTTV was involvedI would think the same time frame as the other question as well as the northern california location would alsio remain the same...See what you can come up with these specifics.I promise to make it wothwhile.Thanks in advance for the effort
Thank you for asking me to assist you again in your research on this topic.

Spent sometime tonight on your question using the topics listed above.

From everything I can locate, there is nothing further on the idea that the events in 2001 was the first qualifying. The only first event that I can see is World Extreme Cagefighting which was called WEC 1 and was first for this event.

Here is a comprehensive list of many of the various fighting conferences and their start dates. WEC is listed in 2001:

As for Colleen Galloway, her LinkedIn page history shows that she did work for DirectTV at this time but was in charge of Latin American programming. No mention if she was connected to any events in California.

Michael and other Entertainment Specialists are ready to help you
Spending some of Thursday continuing to work on your question :-)

Here for your research is a detailed list of just about all the various leagues and conferences that have start dates and who participated. Nothing still in terms of 2001 but some do offer dates of when participation started in various California locations:

Also take a look at the third ad that is shown here on this site as it lists the event as the first "King of the Cage" Heavyweight Tournament: