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What is happening in Inception? Ive watched the movie twice

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What is happening in Inception? I've watched the movie twice and still am not sure how many levels there were, which level/scene was reality, and the ending? Help!
Hello and welcome.

The end is for the viewer to decide. Your explication is as good as mine. I personally believe he is in reality at the end. Michael Caine is there and the kids have aged.

The French article on Wikipedia (not in the English one) have a good detailed description of the levels. Here is the translation in English:

It has been a while i watched the movie so i can't really double check it that easily but i could do it tomorrow if you want.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hmmm, that's an okay explanation. The google translation is amazing good, though with some oddities... ("The van f____s the bridge).

Hehe, yes those translations still happen sometime, we will miss them when those system are too perfect :)
I got time today to watch the movie. The data in the article table is right.

The first scene (that is resumed back close to the end) take place in limbo.

If you really enjoyed the movie, please read that list of trivia:
You will enjoy all the crafting of it even more.

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