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Why is the film the seven-per-cent solution available only

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Why is the film the seven-per-cent solution available only in blu-ray format? There are some very old used region one standard version dvds. I'm trying to locate a new copy (not a copy) that isn't ridiculously priced. $75 on Amazon

Hi, Eve and welcome back to Just Answer!

My name is XXXXX XXXXX it is my pleasure to be of help to you tonight.

From my understanding of your question, you are looking for the standard DVD, new (region 1), for this movie. I've found it at the following sites, where you can purchase it. The prices at both sites are similar:

The above is what I found from Amazon, when I researched the movie on DVD; much less than $75.

If I am misunderstanding what you're looking for, please let me know. Even the blu-ray format is less than $75 from the above seller at Amazon, but please let me know if you are not looking for the DVD, but the blu-ray. Thanks!

If these are not what you are looking for, please let me know by clicking "Reply" and I will continue my search.

Please Rate with Positive Feedback (click happiest, smiley face), as that is the only way in which I am credited by the site for my assistance. It does not incur any additional cost to you. Thank you very much; I appreciate it! Laughing

Please let me know if you need more information before rating, by clicking 'Reply' and I will be happy to continue our conversation.

To request me for future questions, simply type "For Cher" to begin your post and I will answer, asap.

Best regards,
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you Cher! Yes, I am only looking for the Region 1 format. My concern is that there seem to be different releases for sale, with a wide range of prices. Can you tell me the difference between DVDs from the original large production run and the Universal Vault Series? What about quality? Sometimes the smaller outfit re-releases are copied with a process that costs less but yields a lower quality DVD. the description "new" can have different interpretations. New from the original release? New from a later cheaper release? Newly copied disk of an original DVD? Just because they are shrink wrapped doesn't necessarily guarantee quality. When one seller lists a new copy for $75 and another for $14.99, how can I tell what I'm really purchasing?


I am also limited by my unwillingness to do business with Amazon. because they have decimated the independent bookstore market.

Hi again, Eve and thanks for your reply.

The Universal Vault Series is made exclusively for Amazon and may be digitally re-mastered and include special features not included on the original DVD.

All your questions about the DVD itself are very valid, and in fact, there is really no way to tell the quality, etc. and know what you're really purchasing, unless and until you buy it and view it yourself. I fully understand why you would not like to patronize Amazon, and your point is quite valid. You don't have to order from them. If the other site I included (Bonanza) guarantees a full refund/return if not satisfied, you have nothing to lose; you're taking a chance, wherever you order from.

It seems this DVD is not available all over, at this price, so once you find it, take advantage of it, and as I mentioned above, if you're not satisfied with the quality, make sure the company has a return policy you're comfortable with, and order it so you can be the judge.

Another idea, is to rent the DVD from Blockbuster or Netflix to see the quality and decide if you want to buy it.

I wish you the best of luck and please let me know what you end up doing.

I hope my suggestions were helpful!

Best regards,
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

OK, good information. I would like to let you know how it turns out. Do I leave my question open until I can reply? Or should I finish the process with a rating and feedback, and follow up later?

Hi again, Eve and thanks for your reply.

I'm glad you found the information helpful. Laughing You can also see more about the DVD/Blu-Ray combo, here:

I know you don't want the Blu-Ray, but that's a pretty good price for both.

You can finish the rating and feedback process now, and then just click 'Reply' when you're ready to follow up with me. Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX it!

Best regards,

Cher and other Entertainment Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Just curious. You are listed as a feline expert. How did my video format question get routed to you?

Hi again, Eve and thanks for your positive rating and your reply.

I am an expert in various categories on the site, including Entertainment, where you posted this question.

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Please remember to update me by simply clicking 'Reply' to let me know how things are working out. Thanks!

Best regards,