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Ms. LLN, Entertainment Fan
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Experience:  B.A. Radio/TV/Film/Media. Former record label executive, music museum collections employee and rabid entertainment fan.
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I need chianti bottles for decoration. Where can I find them?

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Where can I find empty Chianti bottles for a decoration for a catholic school auction?

Hello and thank you for using this service.
I have a few ideas for you depending on your budget. If you are looking for free bottles, you could find an Italian restaurant or pizzeria in your town that serves chianti in these bottles and ask if you can have their empty bottles. I have done this before when we used wine bottles for vases and candle holders at a friend's wedding.
If you have a budget to purchase the bottles, I found a vendor who sells the empty bottles for $4.95 (US) each:
Another option is to post a want ad on Craigslist with "Chianti Bottles Wanted" in the subject line or check to see if ebay has anyone selling them. I found some listings for individual bottles on ebay here but some were vintage and expensive:
Of course, chianti is inexpensive so you could always just buy chianti in these bottles and get a case, which may make the price go down to $5-$8 a bottle. You would just be drinking a lot of chianti.
If you require further assistance, please reply so I may ensure excellent service.

Thank you!

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