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I am a comedian seeking work in the corporate entertainment

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I am a comedian seeking work in the corporate entertainment business. I do a non-profane set and have an Upscale appeal.
How can I get in front of some event planners?


Hello Mike,


My name is XXXXX XXXXX I look forward to working with you on your inquiry.

Are you currently in Equity, which State are you residing in, and do you have a comedy website ?

I look forward to your response.



Customer: replied 4 years ago.


I AM an inactive member of Actor's Equity. I live in Maryland and am going to have a web site with video by the end of the year. This is why I want input before I create my site.



Excellent. There are several companies that hire talent for Live Corporate Industrials.

Many of them are based in NYC. Would you be able to easily travel there for an audition ? Are you able to use a teleprompter and/or use an ear prompter ?

Additionally, there are also specific casting directors who specialize in this area. Most of them are NYC based as well.

If you are open to traveling, I will provide you with contact information. If not, I will see what I can find in your local area.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I am open to drive to NYC for an audition. I am also open to traveling to wheer I need to travel for the casting directors, also.


However, I am not sure if this is the same thing as I requested. I am looking to perform as a host or as a comedian or Master of Ceremonies for some of these corporate events.

Can you help me in that arena?

Understood. That is a different area. I will send you a list of contacts to work from in a bit.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I have not received a contact list, as promised above.Mike

Apologies Mike, I had posted last night... There must be a glitch. Please confirm receipt of this post when you have a moment.

Once you have a professional color headshot, resume, and operational website with your stand-up, you are ready to market yourself.

Although I cannot guarantee a positive outcome, this is the process that even Talent Agents use when pitching their talent.

I would recommend starting out with an email pitch first inquiring how you can be listed on their roster.

1) Charter Talent

(E) [email protected]

They ask that you email your references, bio, pictures, and online video.

They will review your materials within 6 weeks and email you back letting you know if they can or can not use you for shows.


Important to note that any promotional materials you mail may be posted to their website and/or other promotional pages.

2) GigSalad

( E )

This site brings talent and buyer together. You can list your bio for free for limited access. There are different tiers of paid membership which provides you with a premium listing.


LocoLobo Events


They accept new talent submissions. Follow this link to be considered:
( )

4) Horizon Entertainment

(P)(NNN) NNN-NNNNbr/>(E)[email protected]

Funny Business Entertainment Agency

(E)[email protected]

6) New York Hysterical Society

(E)[email protected]

7) Greenlight Booking

(E)[email protected]

8) Hysterical Management

(E) [email protected]

9) Gigmasters

On this site, you pay to be listed for opportunities in your surrounding area. The lowest subscription is $ 79.00. To learn more, paste this link in browser:

( )

10) Larry Weaver Entertainment

To be considered for representation, follow this link:

( )

Let me know if I may be of additional assistance.

Best of luck with your submissions,


Ask Veronica and 2 other Entertainment Specialists are ready to help you
Hi Mike,

I have another lead for you!

1) Profusion Talent ( [email protected] )
a) Send email with you name in the subject
b) State and city where you reside
c) Short bio
d) Your website
e) Attach a digital headshot (yourname.jpg )
f) Years of experience
g) Two club booker recommendations ( their name and contact information )