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Ask Veronica
Ask Veronica, Entertainment Exec.
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Hello I was working with ask Veronica before. I wonder if

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Hello I was working with ask Veronica before. I wonder if she is still available? I am still working on getting a full refund.

The company that we were discussing has called me again about a photo shoot. They said that is what they are willing to do to work with me. They said that it usually costs $700 but they are giving it to me for free.

What can I do to get them to refund my money back? Sorry I took so long getting back in touch with you.

Robin Denegal
Hi Robin,

You can close this question as I have replied to your original thread.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I would like to request Ask Veronica for my question about company OneSourceTalent, in Virginia.


Robin Denegal

Hi Robin,

I am sorry to hear that your problem is still unresolved.

Did you dispute the charge with your credit card ?

Did you cancel the monthly membership fee that will automatically be charged to your credit card each month ?

Have you filed a complaint with the BBB ?

From what I have read in the contract, they were to provide you with certain services such as :

(1) Produce a comp card for you and post it on their website

(2) Call you with an offer of employment

If you do allow them to take your photo, and they post it, they are fulfilling their part of the contract and it will be even harder to get a refund.

You had mentioned earlier, that you sent a certified letter. Has anyone in the organization acknowledged this ?

Hi Robin,

It looks like you are doing the right things. You were very smart to send a certified letter. I am glad they stopped July's payment. Make sure you are not being charged for August.

Explain to Nancy that you are on a fixed income and did not fully understand what you were signing and you have since changed your mind.

If she still refuses to refund your money, let her know you will be reporting their company to your local Better Business Bureau.

If the company still refuses to refund your money, you might have a small claims case since you have not received any offers of employment as promised in the agreement. I am not allowed to give legal advice as I am not licensed, but I would check with one of our expert Lawyers.

Moving forward, know that any type of service that asks you to pay money to represent you is always a scam.

If you have up to date headshots, and/or are looking to start auditioning in your area, I would be happy to research reputable studios for you.

Hope this helps,

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