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hi i im travelling from Sydney to the gold coast in the next

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hi i im travelling from Sydney to the gold coast in the next 2 days for a short period of time (2-3 weeks) i have no time to find and also cant find a way to bring my pet bunny rabit wth me is there some way an airline will allow a rabbit to be on board a plane to qld preferable the same plane as me. if not what way can i have my rabbit transported all the way there?

also i need to find and fast accommodation for at lease 1 but really 2 weeks in the gold coast for 2 adluts i would rather a two bedroom as the more space the merriy but one if is spacious enough could be suitable. i dont want to spend anymore that $2000 all up ( that would be for the 2 weeks) i have quite an expensive lifestyle so would rather the best i could possibly get for that rate i wouldn't mind paying a little more if it would be worth it.. my partner and i enjoy our space as we will be working from this hotel majority of the time and will also have at one stage or another our business partners joining us for meetings.
i need to be gone buy Monday the latest but i can not leave untill arrangement's have been made for my rabbit as he travels everywhere with me. the hotel does not have to e pet frendly as i have relatives who whilst up ther can look after him.
a quick response would be very appreciated and if it is a suitable arrangement's a great bonus will come with this answer
Hello, and welcome back to Just Answer.

I would be happy to help you and just need some time to research this for you. Thanks for your patience.

Best regards,
Hello again,

Regarding traveling with your bunny, typically, airlines will allow traveling with small pets if they are in a carrier that is of specific dimensions and can fit in under your seat or the seat in front of you. The most important thing is to let the airline know in advance that you will be traveling with a small pet in a carrier (you will need to pay a fee, so ask how much), and they need to know in advance because only a certain number of pet carriers are permitted on any one flight. So, call your airline to find out the details and add your bunny in a carrier to your reservation. Get a confirmation of this, so there is no confusion on your date of departure.

I've found the following for you, regarding accommodations, and I'm still researching: ing=0&acceptsOnlinePayment=false&searchRef-lastMinDeals=true&searchRef-specialOffers=false&feature=&redirect=lastminute-search

I'm sure, as you can imagine, your departure date being so close, makes some of the accommodations I can find, somewhat limited. : )

Do you definitely want a hotel, or would you consider an apartment?

If you can give me some feedback on what you see here, and provide some further details, I can go ahead and search more exactly for what you want. Thanks!

Best regards,
Cher and 2 other Entertainment Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
wow thankyou so much this is very helpful extremely actually.
yes i forgot to put that in my question before i atually rather a apartment or at least a serviced hotel but yes much prefer an apartment

i would rather a two bedroom but as i know how close my departure is and my price range im happy to settle with one
i would also need a kitchen and a laundry as im planing to stay for a short time.
again thankyou ur very helpful
Hello again, and you're most welcome!

Thanks very much for your accept and most generous bonus!

Within my searches, I believe I came across some apartments that fit your criteria with kitchen, laundry, etc., so I will get back to you shortly, after doing some additional research.

Best regards,
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
thankyou and no worrys no one on this site has ever in my eyes deserved the money more than u , im really impressed and very happy witg ur helpful answers..

also ive just beeen told apparently rabits arnt allowed in qld??is this true? even for someone in my situation where ill only be in qld for a couple weeks? now im worryed hope thats not true
Hi again, and thanks for your patience and your kind words.

It's my pleasure to be of help to you!

You had mentioned that finding a pet-friendly apartment or hotel wasn't a 'must', because you could leave your bunny with some friends. Do you mean you found out that bunnies are not allowed to enter into Queensland when arriving by plane? I will check on this further for you, but if it should be true, you will need to make arrangements for your bunny to be looked after, while you're away. A good friend/relative who is familiar with your bunny would be ideal, or if need be, you could board him with a vet at a pet hotel/resort type place, if you have any in Sydney.

I've found these serviced apartments for you:

From there, I put in your requirements and found these:

It asked for a 'suburb' or location so I put in 'Broadbeach', but you can choose the one you like, put in all the information, then call for availability for your dates.

Also, check out these apartments; go by the number of bedrooms on the list, then click for 'details':

Best regards,
Cher and 2 other Entertainment Specialists are ready to help you
Hello once again, and thanks very much for your accept and most generous bonus; they are greatly appreciated!

I just researched the rabbit rule in Queensland and what you heard, is unfortunately, correct.

If you are going to make this trip, you'll need to find a good pet sitter for your furry boy, as I suggested previously.

I'm so sorry, I know how sad this will be for you, but if you must travel for business, I'm sure you can find a safe and loving home for him for the 1-2 weeks you're away.

Best regards,