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Not much chance of a trip to LA for me, would love that. I

Customer Question

Not much chance of a trip to LA for me, would love that. I live in Florida, around 3,500 miles from California. I just wondered why he's such a "great guy", I tried the 6 Julians' on Facebook, no reply. I tried when he was on MySpace, no reply. I tried Ibm (that's not correct,but close!) Sure fire addresses, letters returned. I think I have his home address & phone no., by accident, but don't want to intrude in his private life ever. I'm just a bit discouraged. Oh, I tried Twitter also. What is the monthly fee? You think that is the best way to go?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Entertainment
Expert:  Ask Veronica replied 5 years ago.
Do not be discouraged. It is not him personally on any of the social networking sites you mentioned. Celebrities hire social media experts who post/answer most of the day to day business. Occasionally, a celebrity will host a live session via twitter or skype.

I would not recommend contacting him at home or using his number as he will feel that it is an invasion of his privacy. The best way to be his fan, is to support his tv and film work and to write him fan letters. Also, you yourself can start a fan page on Facebook and recruit fans and update with current information. I think that may be an activity you can enjoy, and in a way, you would be his behind the scenes cheerleader.

Twitter is free to join but I am suspect is he is actually doing the tweeting. I am sure it is someone he has hired.

Give me a little bit to prepare my answer as to "Why he is such a great guy".

DO NOT his accept. Wait for me to reply again which should be in the next fifteen minutes. Please hold tight.
Expert:  Ask Veronica replied 5 years ago.
Julian McMahon does not have the typical Hollywood story, which makes him stand out from the rest.

He was born in Australia to a Sir and Lady, which makes him a bit aristocratic !

He initially started out studying law, but his heart was in the theater.

Julian McMahon started out modeling and doing musical theater, yes he can sing.

What I like about him, is he is very down to earth. While supporting his dream, he worked as both a gardener and an ice cream man. It takes someone with a strong sense of self and determination to put in a hard days work to survive, while also dreaming of being on the big screen. I like that he did not depend on his parents for support.

He is a vocal supporter of anti-smoking (If you smoke, I hope this encourages you to quit) and he has a vast classical book collection.

When he was suggested for Nip/Tuck his character was supposed to be of Cuban/Floridian descent. Fortunately, he is fluent in Spanish. He wanted the part so much, he made an audition tape in his kitchen and tracked down the series producers and hand delivered. They made him audition six times before he landed the role which became Dr. Christian Troy instead of Christian Vega. Most talent at his level would demand an offer even before auditioning. At some point, it becomes more about their ego.

What is unique about that story, and why he has such a strong fan base, is that he was already a very established actor in Hollywood, yet he was creative, aggressive, and jumped through many hoops to land a role in which he really believed.

This shows he has not gotten that big Hollywood head, and he seems like an all around regular guy.

Is there anything else I can add ?