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Are there going to make movies on the Marvel Comic superhero

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Are there going to make movies on the Marvel Comic superhero Hawkeye? What about Aqua-Man? Hawk-Man? Wonder Woman? What about The Scarlet Witch? In fact, did they already make a movie on The Scarlet Witch? If so, do you know the dates that each movie will more less arrive to theatres? Thank you for your assistance.
Hello again, and I am happy to answer your questiion. I am working on it right now. Please stand by and thank you for choosing Just Answer.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
O.K. I will anxiously wait for your answer. Thank you.
The Marvel Comic Superhero Hawkeye most recently had a small appearance in the film Thor in 2011. He will be more significantly featured in the highly anticipated May 4th, 2012 release of The Avengers. Hawkeye is being played by actor Jeremy Renner. There has been talk on the internet that Hawkeye will get its own franchise but I know for certain that there is no pre-production slated as of yet, and the Hawkeye actor Jeremy Renner is shooting films until the end of 2013, none of which is Hawkeye.

There is talk of Aquaman being made in to a film however nothing has been greenlighted yet, although it is reported to be in devlopment. The earliest date of a possible release is 2015-2017. Alan Ritchson, who played Aquman in the television series Smalllville might be cast in that leading role. The creators of Smallville had planned to produce a television series spin-off for Aguaman, but as of now, only a pilot has been made.

Hawkman was also a character in the televesion series Smallville. In 2009, there was talk that Hawkman would be produced for the big screen by Warner Brothers but to date, no production is slated.

Wonder Woman, my personal favorite, ran for a short time on NBC. This 2011 remake was not a success and cancelled. You will be able to rent season one series soon. Surpisingly, there are no current plans for Wonder Woman to be made into a movie.

There are no plans to produce a film on The Scarlet Witch. There was an short independant film called Scarlet's Witch released in 2008, maybe that is what you were thinking but there it is no relation to the Marvel Comic.

Apologies for the wait. I wanted to be certain. I hope this answers your question,but feel free to let me know if you need additional information.
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Thank you for allowing me to answer your question on Marvel Comic Superheros. I know how exciting it is to see your favorite characters in the flesh. At least two of the characters you mentioned appeared in Smallville and all ten season are available on

I hope my answers were useful and please contact me again for any future inquires.

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