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Was Clint Eastwood A Ghost In The Movie Pale Rider?

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Was Clint Eastwood supposed to be a ghost in the movie Pale Rider just like he was in the movie High Plains Drifter? In the movie Pale Rider, I am wondering that when the girl prayed to God for help, Clint Eastwood was the ghost of a man that had been killed by the assassin marshall and his deputies in the past and that he was sent as the result of a prayer in the form of a ghost that was seeking revenge because when the main bad guy told the marshall that Clint Eastwood recognized his name, the marshall responded that the description sounded like a man he once knew, but that it couldn't be the same man because the man he was thinking of was dead. And at the end of the movie, when the marshall sees Clint Eastwood face-to-face he goes for his gun while saying "YOU!"
Hello. A ghost come from a deceased person, in this movie nothing obviously say the main character is not human, it's just undertone. If we have to give him super natural quality it would be Death (also referenced by the title itself). Not any Death either, it's not just your time as ended and the grim reaper come, it's more in a divine retribution sense.
Just like some actor are type casted to allow you to accept them faster as hero or bad guys, the cinematic languages can put mythological layer on top of the story to give meta informations about the situation. This allow more profound character development without having to do a 3 hours movie as the viewer already bring a lot of the background of the characters with him even before the movie start.
There is an interview audio clip there:
where Eastwood say that his character Preacher "is an out-and-out ghost", but that is more of a post analysis than someone that was in the initial script.
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