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I have a song that I wrote. I have completed the video and

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I have a song that I wrote. I have completed the video and have a famous Country
Singer and R&B singer artist, singing the song.

I have put all the money out to complete the song. I am looking for
a Record Label to get it on the radio and promote it.

JACUSTOMER-z4stgyeb- :

May I ask why the Artist's singing your song don't have their label promoting it ?


She is a Nashville Tn artist and on the road a lot. She does not have time to look for a record label. Arista was very good to her



Arista Records was sold to younger owners and the artist feels that they are looking for something else.

JACUSTOMER-z4stgyeb- :

You need to investigate this site : and I highly encourage you to become a member. I know artist's who have gotten a lot back.



Additionally, you may submit your music to the following sites:



D. Be in the right place at the right time. Not easy but I had to mention it because it has worked for others. If you are in a major music city like Nashville, LA, NY, Miami, to name few, there are usually venues that do the occasional talent night. You would be surprised at who turns up to look for talent. Play at these. My first break came when Dion Dimucci (If you have never heard of him please keep in mind that I am 51 and that 31 years ago everyone had heard of him)

saw me perform at a small local coffee house in the Miami area. I was doing all original stuff and he called me out after my set and told me that he wanted to put the last song I played on his next album.

He gave me a phone number and told me "This is my phone number, not my agent's, not my manager's, not my office. It rings by my bed at 2 AM so don't call at 2 AM. Call me on Monday and you can come to my house and we can talk. Play at these types of venues every chance you get.


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Thank you for accepting my answer and please contact me again if you need additional assistance.

Thanks and Good Luck !

Talent Agent
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I think all is answered. I will just pull every thing I can to get this done.
Hello and I wanted to follow up with you on the marketing of your song. Have you had any success with those sites ?

Please feel free to contact me if you need advice on marketing.

Be well,

Talent Agent