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how do a find an agent ?

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how do a find an agent ?

Hi, Welcome to JustAnswer! My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will endeavor to answer your question.


I am going to offer you more information than you asked for. I get asked these questions a lot. How do I find an Agent or a Manager, What is the best way to get signed, how can I get an opportunity to get my music on TV and in Movies.


Here are some basic guidelines and tips to get you started in the right direction.


There are four predominant ways to pursue getting signed. First however, lets look at facts. Almost anyone who has ever written a song believes their song has what it takes to make it to #1. Some actually do (very few in fact) but most don't. Of the ones that really could be a #1 seller, most of those are never even heard by someone in a position to get it recorded, promoted and played on the air. For sake of example herein, please understand that when I say "You" I am referring to every song writer and performer trying to make it... not specifically you, so please don't be offended. I am not questioning your talent, that is not my job, I am just making general observations.



A. One of the most popular these days is via an independent A&R service. By far the running Giant in this venue is In the event you are already familiar with TAXI, you can skip this next little bit. If you have considered Taxi but not joined or for whatever reason dismissed it, I encourage you to re-evaluate that decision. It is soooooo not a scam. The cream rises to the top there and gets heard by people really in the position to make you or break you. If you are a member of TAXI and it hasn't worked for you yet, then you are probably not submitting your stuff frequently enough. If you are a member and are submitting a lot of stuff all the time and are not getting any deals, then your stuff probably really isn't really as great as you had hoped it was.



B. Self Promote - Record a decent video of yourself and post it to Then blog the heck out of your link.. MySpace, FaceBook, Twitter, Linkedin as well as every other forum and venue you can think of. Ask people to post it to their pages and send it to their friends if they like it. If you are really as good as you believe yourself to be, your friends will love your stuff and share you with their friends. Before you know it, you have 1,000,000 YouTube views and can shop yourself to the record companies and they will take you seriously.



C. This is what you asked about. Get an agent and or a Manager. Real agents are also going to also audition you. They make money when you make money so if your stuff isn't up to snuff, no agent worth his salt will take you either. A manager can be your sister, your Mom, your uncle Harold or someone who actually knows how to manage talent. When signing with a Manager or agent it is really important to have a good initial gut feeling about them. You know how you can walk into a party and over the course of the evening talk with 20 new people each for 5 or so minutes? And you come away thinking, I think I could really be friends with that Bob guy and Amanda too, but I don't think I could ever really warm up to most of the others especially not Rick or Sarah... Do you understand what mean when I say that? Well, your agent or manager has to be in the Bob or Amanda category. You have to be able to trust them & like them and allow them into your heart, your home and your head. When they say "Yep, you are a great writer but this new song you just wrote is crap". You have to be able to take that from them without hating them. In the right manager / Agent combo, you have to like them and they have to like you. A symbiotic relationship of sorts. The best way to find representation is by referral or discovery. Have your promo pack, (Head Shot, bio, demo and press clippings if you have any) ready at all times. Managers and Agents are always out there scouting new talent. If you haven't been approached at one of your gigs yet, ask your friends, other music people you know and associate with as well as acts who follow you and who you follow on and off of stage, "who represents you" and do you think you could ask them to take a look at me? Also can also send you promo pack to these places:



D. Be in the right place at the right time. Not easy but I had to mention it because it has worked for others. If you are in a major music city like Nashville, LA, NY, Miami, to name few, there are usually venues that do the occasional talent night. You would be surprised at who turns up to look for talent. Play at these. My first break came when Dion Dimucci (If you have never heard of him please keep in mind that I am 51 and that 31 years ago everyone had heard of him)

saw me perform at a small local coffee house in the Miami area. I was doing all original stuff and he called me out after my set and told me that he wanted to put the last song I played on his next album.

He gave me a phone number and told me "This is my phone number, not my agent's, not my manager's, not my office. It rings by my bed at 2 AM so don't call at 2 AM. Call me on Monday and you can come to my house and we can talk. Play at these types of venues every chance you get.


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