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NYC: to visit the "9/11 Memorial and Museum" - where can we

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NYC: to visit the "9/11 Memorial and Museum" - where can we get (timed) admission tickets (in Sep.'12)? Do we NEED to go with a guide (all that's advertised on Google etc.)? Are wheelchair loaners available? We are visiting the city for one day and can get ourselves there and back, no parking needed.) [Specifics: 9/13, a.m. if possible]

Hi, Welcome to JustAnswer! My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will endeavor to answer your question.


Here is the link you must visit to get timed passes:


Here is the Home Page of the 911 Memorial and Museum


The 9/11 Memorial has a limited number of wheelchairs and wheeled walkers available free of charge upon request at the Memorial entry (Albany & Greenwich streets) or on the Memorial itself on a first come, first-served basis. Advance reservations are not available. Here is the web page to that information:


A guide is not required.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
FYI: those websites only allow you to reserve for THIS MONTH (the page is out of registry) - so I will call the phone number provided on the website.

So- you got me useful info, thanks! Fred

I guess if I "accept" now, you won't get to se the above: I assume I'll get another chance to ACCEPT.
Hi Fred, I'm glad I was able to provide some useful information for you! When you click accept, this thread does not close or disappear until you manually close it. Even after you "accept" we can continue our dialog if you wish!
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You can reserve your passes for Sept 2012 online as follows:


If you go to this page:


You will see: "Select Date/Time".

Click on the icon of the calendar to the right of that.


A little calendar of April will come up.


The box that says April is a drop down menu.


Click on the down arrow to the right of April, and a drop down menu will open showing all the months.


Click on September and you will be able to reserve passes for September 2012.


This page will allow you to reserve passes all the way up through December of 2013.


Please feel free to come back to JustAnswer any time and ask for me specifically;


If you would like, you may bookmark my portals. I am verified to answer questions in the Entertainment and Home Improvement Categories.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Eric- I did read all of the above (except the very last) - and I did accept. Am afraid that hitting "Accept" again will iniate another charge - depending on your website.

As for your last hint: It's that "April" calendar drop-down that is so high that one cannot see (and click on) the arrrow leading to further months - at least on my computer. So I repeat: I will now CALL the site; your EXTRA reply didn't say anything new - sorry.

Fred (You can CLOSE this now, please.)


You are not expected to click on Accept again. We are good!

If you were to try reducing the resolution of your screen, the perimitors that you may not be able to currebtly see should come into view. OR... if you are viewing in internet explorer, you can reduce the zoom to see the entire page. Or... calling should also work just as well! (-: Thanks!

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Do close this, please!
OK, Have a great trip to NY!
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Again: over and out!

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