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indieflmkr, Filmmaker/Instructor
Category: Entertainment
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I want to promote a magician who is fabulous! I am thinking

Customer Question

I want to promote a magician who is fabulous! I am thinking of doing a fundraiser. Can anyone tell me or help me in telling me how to draw in people to a fabulous restaurant with a cabaret that is way out in the boonies other than doing a fundraiser. Any ideas would be so wonderful thanks!
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Entertainment
Expert:  indieflmkr replied 5 years ago.
indieflmkr :

Hi Lisa: I can help you with a few things,but I should preface this by saying that none of these things will guarentee attendance. Unfortunately nothing can do that for any event. One thing I will point out is that location is everything. If it's a place no one has heard of before, is hard to get to and/or is not around where people already are - your task becomes exponentially harder. I have a few questions for you first: Have you already booked and scheduled the event? Can you give me more specifics about what steps you have already take? - Troy

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
thanks troy for answering my question.
I do have my hands full with this one.
The dresden hotel is an amazing place and people book parties is known as that oasis in wine country for 2 or 2 hundred if you follow my drift. All that you mentioned unfortunealty applies but with facebook, twitter and newspapers who do stories, I am hoping to draw people there for it. The cabaret is just simply charming and the stage is perfect for this magiciain. I have not officially scheduled it just named a date in March 30 2012. I am putting it on craigs list to test the waters and getting in touch with the chamber of commerce in the county and nearby counties to promote it on their website. I am also hoping the humane society will do a fundraiser with us. Hope that helps you help me more if you can. Thanks.
Expert:  indieflmkr replied 5 years ago.
Lisa: Well I don't know how much more help you're going to need. From what you've mentioned it sounds like you are doing all the right things. The Humane Society fundraiser is an excellent idea. It's great advertising for them, helps them raise some money and helps attract people to your event.The more you can make and "event" out of it - the easier it will be to get people and groups to rally around it.It will also help with getting more coverage in the press as there is more of a "story" to report than just promoting or advertising something.You may consider asking some of the local media to act as a media sponsor for the event. See if you can get some free advertising time (Newspapers, radio, TV) in exchange for printing their name/logo on programs, ads, flyers, press releases etc.Silent Auctions are also a good way to help spread the word. You can get local vendors to donate items and help to promote the event in their shops/websites/advertising. End of March should give you plenty of time to promote.The social networking approach is also good. You may consider using the Facebook ads to help promote to FB user specifically in your target market.Is there anything more specific you would like to ask about?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
just where else to promote this gifted magician would be is all
Expert:  indieflmkr replied 5 years ago.
Well the simple answer there would be anywhere and everywhere. Find places and/or organization that you think would have a shared target audience or at least a reasonable cross-over. Leave no stone unturned, as it were. Not being familiar with your local area - it's a bit difficult for me to make specific suggestions. You mentioned you had local newspapers - are their also local radio stations that are in your area? Will you be making flyers and or posters?