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What the best way to get into the billboard 100 chart

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What the best way to get into the billboard 100 chart?
Probably every songwriter on the charts has an agent, but it's kind of a catch 22 situation. No agent = no hits but no hits makes it really hard to find an agent.

Making It With Music: Kenny Rogers' Guide to the Music Business has a lot of good advice for aspiring songwriters and may be available at your local library.

Never turn down a gig, play constantly, play every benefit you can, try to create a buzz. If you can pen one tune that goes viral you will have your toe in the door, and agents will solicit you.

The music business is such a contradictory concept, as illustrated in the movies Spinal Tap, and Fear of a Black Hat, which I urge you to watch in that order for a glimpse of the ups and downs.

Fear of a Black Hat has some advice:
Kicking the record company guy's ass. That was counter-productive.

You do not have to like Kenny Rogers' music to benefit from his book, he really gives a lot of insight and advice for aspiring artists.

I hope this information is helpful.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hi N Cal'

Very much appreciate you sending in a response, I guess my opening question is a little too vague. I enjoyed reading the quotes.

More specifically I wanted to know if sales on iTunes (and Other sites) automatically link to the Billboard charts, or if there are other steps that have to be done? and most importantly what are they?

My assumptions are that the song/track is selling well on iTunes/CD baby etc, already but I don't know how many units would trigger a billboard entry?

If you are able to clarify the above for me I would accept your answer, and thank you again for your response.

Billboard has a separate Hot 100 chart for what it calls digital albums, see
although since 2005 the regular Hot 100 factors in paid digital downloads along with radio play and album sales, see
Which means that ITunes and CD Baby sales are factored in.

I have been unable to determine how many downloads it takes to get on the charts. The sale of 500,000 units qualifies as a Gold record, and that should certainly be enough to make the Billboard charts, see

There is a lot of useful information available in
This Business of Music, but it does not seem to cover your specific question, see
although you may want to get a copy anyway, because it does cover most other aspects of the music business.

I hope this information is helpful.
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