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indieflmkr, Filmmaker/Instructor
Category: Entertainment
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Experience:  Independent filmmaker and Media Arts Instructor
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I would like to publish a few articles I have written to a

Resolved Question:

I would like to publish a few articles I have written to a website, can anyone give me a heads up about how to accomplish this I basically would like to have a few small articles published online dealing with a few subjects I thought were interesting.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Entertainment
Expert:  indieflmkr replied 6 years ago.

indieflmkr :

Hello - -just want to clarify what it is that you are asking about. Are you interested in having your own website with the articles on it - or you are looking to submit the articles to existing websites? - Troy


existing websites,. are you familar with ezinearticles? once i get an article published there how do i get it on other sites like yahoo and google news?

indieflmkr :

Hello - There is no single answer to your question. There is no one method for doing what you are tying to do, unfortunately as each site will be different. You would need to go to each individual site, locate their article submission guidelines and submit the article based on those instructions. For example - the website you mention's submission page is here: If you are looking to have article picked up via search engines - this is a rather complex process and varies widely depending on specifically what it is you are trying to promote - as such it is not easily handled in this context. I would highly recommend you do some research on something called "Search Engine Optimization". There is a great deal of information available on websites, youtube videos as well as published books that you can purchase or are available at your local library. I would also recommend doing research on RSS feeds. If you create your own blog, you can implement much of this on your end. Does this make sense to you? - Troy

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