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SUBJECT: TWINS Struggles Seven sweeps in your home ball park isn,t good. Eight in a season is ugly! That,s what can happen if my hometown TWINS suffer 3 (Trois) more SWEEPS in series in their home Target field, with 5 more '3 game' sets to play at HOME this season. With all the injuries, I,m losing confidence in them! So I bet a buddy Jason the TWINS do indeed be swept in a series at least three more times out of their final five '3 game' series at HOME, and bet him ten bucks it happens BUT! if they somehow avoid that by means be swept not more than TWICE during the balance of the season, I owe Jason $250 dollars cause we figured it is very very highly improbable they will avoid 3 sweeps at Target Field even with only 5 series left at home to play starting with Detroit if you look at their schedule. So my question to you is was that a good bet I made??? I really really can,t see HOW I could lose the bet the way the TWINS are struggling!! If you disagree and say my bet wasn,t reasonable, can you thoroughly explain why??
I agree with you, that seems like a pretty good bet, the Twins have been pretty pathetic lately.

By the way, gambling is highly regulated in Minnesota, see

I hope this information is helpful.
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