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This is really a travel question - for my entertainment - but

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This is really a travel question - for my entertainment - but what category ? I want to take a freighter ship to Athens, Greece and not fly. I can't find where to check on this, I know others in the past that I worked with used to take vacations on freighters all the time, and that they also do carry some passengers, but where can I find info on them ?
My company closed long ago and those agents are long gone & disappeared now. I hate to fly, Hate it now days. Commercial cruise lines want a round trip and I don't, they also are too expensive. Can you help ?

I have found some information for you about how to take a freighter ship rather than commercial travel. Here are some articles that I think you will find helpful on your search for finding a ship to take you to Greece - (basic information, may not be as helpful as other websites) (this one lists some travel agents that specialize in booking freighter ship transportation in the middle of the article and a list of some of the cargo companies that will book passage on their ships) (this is a travel company that works with cargo ships) (this website also lists travel agencies and cargo companies, the ones that have a highlighted number has a link straight to their website for more information)

If you have any other questions that are not addressed above please let me know and I will strive to find out more about that for you.

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
This looks great, it will take me a little time to research, thanks. Gina