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FOR CHER ONLY Hi here we go again. I almost forgot our schools

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FOR CHER ONLY Hi here we go again. I almost forgot our school's office manager and our wonderful principal both have birthday's coming up when we get back. Our office manager is a self taught chef, she is an excellent cook and has put herself through cooking school as a side hobby. She already has a lot of books and utensils so this is going to require some creativity or ingenuity butt I trust you. My principal is just a wonderful married lady two kids who is every teacher's dream. What would be a nice gift of appreciation for her love of education? Unfortunately I can only go as high as $40 for each of them. thanks in advance for your help. Steve
Hi again Steve, and thanks for requesting me!

Please allow me a little time to research some nice gift ideas for you, for these two wonderful people in your school.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Ok sure no problem. I trust your instincts.
Hi again Steve, and thanks for your patience.

For your school's Office Manager who is a chef, I think you will find some nice and useful gifts here, at the Food Network Store:

This is a nice selection of gifts under $30 (, but my faves are:

From this page-- the apple corer/peeler, SmartStick brushed chrome hand blender, and the giant cupcake carrier are my favorites.

Check out the other 2 pages also, but this is another gift I would recommend, especially if she loves to bake as well as cook:

Another nice gift could be a subscription to any of the Food Network Magazines:

I'm still researching gifts for your Principal, but I wanted to send these suggestions to you now.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks Cher those look awesome!
You are most welcome, Steve!

I'm looking at several things now, for your Principal.


Hi again, Steve.

This crystal globe paperweight would be a nice addition to your Principal's desk in school or at home:

You can search the assortment of other paperweights from this page, also, if you like.

How about a book on the history of Education in the 20th century:

or this one:

If you don't want to go with a book to read, I think a nice gift for an educator/mom is a blank journal, or one that is more like a journal/date book/address book, that you can possibly have engraved with her name and the date. The store, "Things Remembered" has a nice selection of engraveable gifts:|~|Business%20Office|~|~|~

You can also get a leather bound journal and have it engraved with her name.

A personalized picture frame is also a nice idea from a store like Things Remembered.

This is also an interesting way to journal, which she may appreciate:

I hope you found my suggestions helpful! Smile

Warmest regards,
Cher and other Entertainment Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank you so much Cher. You are amazing.
Hi again Steve, and you are most welcome!

It's my pleasure to work with you and I'm glad you appreciated my suggestions! : )

Thanks so much for your accept and most generous bonus.

I hope whatever you choose, will be great gifts for these two wonderful people!

Warmest regards,
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks I will keep you posted.
You're most welcome, Steve!

Yes, I'd love to know how the gifts are received by their intended recipients! : )