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I have some Cabernet Sauvignon from the mid 80 s. want to know

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I have some Cabernet Sauvignon from the mid 80"s. want to know if 1 they are still good and 2 are they worth any $.
Hello, and welcome back to Just Answer.

How has the wine been stored? In a wine cellar, out of direct light, bottle upright, laying down?

Do you know if it has a cork or a plastic stopper?

What is the year, name of winery and manufacturer/distributor listed on the bottle?

Thanks for all your additional detail.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.


All stored in closet out of sun or in a box.


All have been on side for most of storage.


All have corks. These wines were purchased for $15 to $25 in 1990 or 1991


All have nice labels, look like new with the exeception of the Jordan.


1987 Sebastiani Cab Sauv

1985 Kenwood Cab Sauv

1986 Peppoli Antinori Chianti Classico

1985 Jordan Cab Sauv

1985 Sequoia Grove Cab Sauv

1983 Silver Oak Cabernet Sauv

Hi again, and thanks very much for your reply with additional and helpful information.

Please allow me a short while to send your answer.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Take as much time as you want

I'll get back to you as soon as I've researched all of these!

Cher : )
Customer: replied 6 years ago.



Hi again, and thanks for your patience.

I've found this for the 1983 Silver Oak, but can't see the size of the bottle in your picture; I'm assuming it's an 'average' sized bottle, like the rest, and is 750ml. These prices are pretty hefty for the 6L 'Imperial' size, as you can see:

For your 1985 Sequoia Grove Cab Sauv, again, this bottle is most likely larger than yours, but this is the price it is selling at, from this merchant, just to give you an idea:

1985 Kenwood Sonoma Valley Cab Sauv:
Kenwood Sonoma Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, Depressed Cork, 1985 $39

The 1986 Peppoli Antinori Chianti Classico is selling for between $30 and $40

Your 1985 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon is being sold by a vendor in California for $190:

I couldn't find much information re: price for the 1987 Sebastiani Cab Sauv, except a 'Cherryblock' variety at auction for $18.50.

I think you'll find this interesting re: the value old wines:

The wines you have shouldn't really go 'bad' as long as they have not been exposed to the air and if they are unopened, this is good, but if they have not been stored at the proper temperatures all these years (a little too warm, at times), their quality may have been degraded. Most old wines typically do not increase in value, unless they were a rare vintage at the time of purchase.

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If you need any additional information please click 'Reply''. Thanks for the opportunity to be of help!

Best regards XXXXX XXXXX Holidays,

Edited by Cher on 12/26/2010 at 11:26 PM EST
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