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My daughter found a red table ( ) wine from Italy called Travicello.

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My daughter found a red table (?) wine from Italy called Travicello.

Also on the lable were the words
"Conte Ottavio Piccolomini d' Aragona GambH"

Can you tell me what these words mean, and more importanly, aboutthe wine and where to get it?

Speed for an answer is not important. She loves the wine but can't get it (always sold out from the local distributor). we need a supplier


Hi Tom, and welcome back to Just Answer.

The words on the label: "Conte Ottavio Piccolomini d' Aragona GmbH" is the name of the company that bottles/manufactures the wine. "Travicello" is the name of the winery.

More info about the wine: it is made from "late-harvested" grapes, which means that the grapes are left on the vines to grow a bit longer than usual, during their picking season. The purpose of this is to allow the natural sugars present in the grapes, to become more concentrated. The resulting wine is fruity and a sweeter style. The taste should be of ripe fleshy berries (blackberries, in particular). Also, due to its low tannin content, it is a very smooth wine. I'm sure sure that's why your daughter loved it!

You can get more information about Travicello wines, here:

Try these suppliers in the Chicago area:
You would have to contact them to find out if they have this particular Travicello, as there are several varieties.

I realize you said 'no rush' on the answer, but I wanted to get this information to you now and I will continue to research more, for you.

I hope you have found this answer helpful; if so, please click 'ACCEPT', as this is the only way I am compensated for helping you (although you have made a deposit, no payment is released to the Expert until you click 'Accept'). Your Positive Feedback will also be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions, please click 'Reply'.

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