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my dad died three weeks ago,at age 71.It has been hard on us

Resolved Question:

my dad died three weeks ago,at age 71.It has been hard on us all. my parents or wonderful people.They have helped so many people,and have taken in friends and family no asking anything in return,but the house is now not has mole and meldew i am so worried my mom is 71 and has a heart sister and her kids live their.and grand baby stay some times.i know dr.phils son works to help people but i dont know how to contact him.please help email is [email protected] thank you my name is kathy
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Entertainment
Expert:  Martin replied 6 years ago.
Hello, welcome to Just Answer. I guess you refer to Jay McGraw and the show he hosted on Fox : Renovate My Family. That show is no longer produced and i am sure he will not help you. It sadden me greatly to currently see all the countries promising help and solution for Haiti, yet they are still in need. Selling hope is a dangerous operation as it let individuals in a state where stuff is not being done.

Denise, i know i may sound hard here but as you at least know the house is not safe, stop waiting and act to at least give structural integrity to the house and a good roof, then clean the mold (even if it mean destroying lot of the interior). If you lack money, sell assets, health is more important than a color TV. Your house may look really bad after the mold removal but you will then have years to build it back properly. To know what to do, hire a specialist that will do the inspection, then do the work yourself. Ask neighbors if they can give you 1 hour a week, you will have faster result than with rich Hollywood producer that never tasted misery.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Relist: Answer quality.
my mom is 71 and sick.their are no neighbors to help.and their was no answer how to get real help for my mom.