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N Cal Atty
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I'm on a tight buget and I'm trying to budget my money

Customer Question

I'm on a tight buget and I'm trying to budget my money wisely to A) start an independent record label which now will only have one or two artist to start with. B) what would be the cheapest way to be able to sell cd's, perform live shows, sell t-shirts with our logo,etc... C) Now could i obtain this with just an LLC ,and if so would you recomend this route or would i have to do more than have a LLC?I do own all the rights to the songs and royalities ! D) If you were in my shoes with a budget of between $ 1,000 -$2,000 how would you start your own independent record label? E) legally what other steps will i need to take what paperwork will I need to fill out? Will the LLC cover the basics(example the logo,selling cds,selling t-shirts) to start up the record label? When will Trademarks and having my cd registered come into play and about how much might that cost? F) What's a good way for me to find out if the name of our record label and artist's names are ***** ***** use? I want to make sure the name isn't already taken & everything is100%legal.If you would guess how much money do you think I'll need to get this started and how long will the LLC last or whatever it will take to get my record label and Tax I.D. legally started? I'm pretty sure i can do most of the paperwork needed myself to save money! Is there any advice you could offer me to save money and what type of paperwork will I'll need to fill out.(contracts, etc..).I don't think i'm at the point quite yet to hire an attorney,but when the time comes I want to budget my money wisely ,so there won't be any money problems hiring a lawyer.G) If I'd get the record label started and my Tax I.D. ,If for some reason I don't make any money will I have to pay any kind of taxes or fees for starting a LLC? I really think I'm onto something big and I'm very greatfull for all your time and help !!! Thank you so very very much for everything !!Jason XXXXXXXX Elwood,Indiana

Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Entertainment
Expert:  N Cal Atty replied 6 years ago.
Many of your questions are addressed in
This Business of Music, 10th Edition
available through

You asked too many questions to be addressed for the $15 you offered, but the book will answer most of them more clearly than I can anyway.

I hope this information is helpful.