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Hi - I have a pricing question regarding a Lowrey organ, but

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Hi - I have a pricing question regarding a Lowrey organ, but can't access the "more categories." Should I ask you? --Bonny--
Hello, I am an organist and can help you with your Lowrey organ question. Please let me know what your question is and any accompanying information. Thanks!
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hi - So glad that you have experience with these fantastic instruments. This one belonged to Uncle Warner, and he played it almost daily up until 6 years ago; it has not been played since and shows some wear. I have no idea when it was first purchased, but do know that it was more than 20 years ago. I does make sounds and I'm sure that it does need maintenance, but am unable to test it out properly as I'm not a musician. I need an idea of how to price it for sale, please. I also have a Mirantz vacuum-tube console radio, with record player, that needs to be priced. The specs are as follows:


Lowery Electric Organ Theatre Deluxe Console Model H-25R w/rhythm unit; horse-shoe styling, completely transistorized, solid-state circuitry, 61-note manuals, full 25-note pedal keyboard, and Automatic Orchestra Control. Unknown wood type.


Mirantz Vacuum Tube Radio console w/record player Model SP1515 900Hz 8ohms Unused for years and in fair condition. Unknown if it works; unknown wood type.


Thank you! for any insight you can offer. --Bonny--

Thanks for the additional information. I had an idea of a price range in mind before I checked around, but after I did, the initial idea was confirmed. I think you could sell this organ for between $200-400. The higher end of that would really be pushing it in my opinion and you might not be able to get that. The reason an item like this wouldn't get more is for several reasons: It is rather old, it has outdated technology that faces expensive maintenance issues with age, it is a "home" organ and not meant for the church and it cannot really be used by a serious organist for practice. The "pros" for this organ are that it has full 61 note keyboards and a 25 note pedalboard (church organs have 32 note pedalboards). Also, organs of this vintage stay in better shape as long as their being used frequently. Your uncle playing it daily definitely helped. It probably does need some maintenance, possibly not major, but at least routine maintenance.

In conclusion, I would advise against doing any maintenance. Chances are it works pretty well as is and whomever purchased it could take care of any routine issues beyond that. Your best bet is to sell locally. Utilize newspaper ads or craigslist. My bet is it will sell quickly as long as the price is right. Also, here's a similar organ to yours that I found on eBay. Notice the price on it.

Unfortunately my expertise does not include electronics besides musical instruments so you would need to open an additional question in the electronics category to find out about your radio where a different qualified expert could help you. Best wishes!

Please let me know if I can help you further by pressing REPLY. If this answer is what you were looking for and has been helpful to you, please click ACCEPT. Leaving me positive feedback at the end of our communication is really beneficial to me. If you have any reason to leave less than positive feedback, please reply to me so I can help you until you are satisfied. Thanks again for coming to Just Answer and have a great day!

Customer: replied 7 years ago.


Thank you so much for explanation of the answer - it helps a whole lot.


I do have one further question, as I do not know "woods" either. It is a darker wood, but I don't think it's walnut - maybe oak? Is there a particular wood that is generally used for this type of organ? --Bonny--

No particular wood really--it often varies. You'll even sometimes see veneers covering other woods or plywood. The wood on your organ is most likely a hard wood, just not sure which kind. That organ, even though fairly small, probably weighs around 500 pounds, and it had to come with a solid shell to house all the electronics in.
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