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I am trying to plan a high school grad. party. I want to go

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I am trying to plan a high school grad. party. I want to go to a restaurant and the grad wants dinner at home. He is suggesting BBQ and chicken fingers, I want something nicer. This will be a dinner for family only and he will have a kid party later.

Where do you suggest having such an event that everyone can meet us at following the ceremony. We belong to a country club but he does not golf and this seems too much if you are not planning to golf. The event is May 16 and I need to get the announcements out soon.
Hi Debbie, and thanks for your question.

What city/state are you located in?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I live in Louisville, KY.
Hi again, Debbie, and thanks for your reply with additional information.

If the grad would prefer a graduation celebration at home, I think this would keep it more simple and take his feelings into consideration.

If he's willing to have the celebration directly following the ceremony at your Country Club, I don't see why golfing must be involved, as you can just eat at the restaurant. It's a familiar place, probably easy for family to access, and if you like the food and the ambience, that sounds like a good choice, only if it's alright with the grad. We have a Country Club as well, and live in a golfing community, but we've had many family celebrations/dinners at the restaurant of the Country Club, and no golfing was involved.

Having food catered in, is also a good idea and if you have free reign with the menu, include items the grad requested, like chicken fingers, perhaps wings(?) and more 'sophisticated' foods you feel the older adults in the family will enjoy.

Why does it have to be an 'open house', with people coming by all day (if it is just for family? I know with the kids, they do this, and go from party to party/house to house). Invite the family back to the house for lunch/dinner, whatever time the graduation is over, and people shouldn't be coming in and out all day, so you know how many people and you know how much food to order.

In your area, if the grad agrees to go to a restaurant, I think a private room is excellent, and just keep it simple, if he doesn't want a 'big deal'. Most of the higher priced restaurants in Louisville have private rooms, but you didn't mention your budget. Carrabas is nice, and if the restaurant can accommodate your party in a 'corner' of the restaurant so you feel like it's just 'you', that could be nice.

I don't know how far Buca di Beppo is, from you, but, although they don't have 'private' rooms, the way they're set up, each room accommodates only a few tables; we had my nephew's graduation dinner there a few years ago (where I live, in South Florida), and it was great. Because the food is served 'family style', you can order a variety of items to satisfy all tastes, IF you like Italian food.

If there is a particular type of food you're looking for and/or you can tell me about how much you'd like to spend per person if you go to a restaurant, I can search further for you, with those parameters in mind. Also, remember that usually there is a fee to use the private room in a restaurant.

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Best wishes,
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

We had also looked at The Rivue atop the Galt House hotel downtown ( a revolving rest. at $21.75 pp over looking the Ohio River) Corbett's was $25 pp so I think that is the max I want to spend for 19 family members. Since this is a Sunday I was hoping for a more brunch atmosphere even though we would be eating at 12:30 or 1:00 pm.


I will look into Buca. I have never been there. Also, I will call the country club to see what they are doing that day. If you think of another place let me know.

Hi again, Debbie, and thanks for your reply.

Yes, the Rivue looked very nice, but seemed quite pricey, according to their website, but at $21.75 pp, I think it would be a beautiful setting for your celebration!

I'll let you know if I come across anything else which would be suitable.

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