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How to plan a 60th birthday party for my wife.

Customer Question

How to plan a 60th birthday party for my wife.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Entertainment
Expert:  Tyler replied 7 years ago.
Hi, and thanks for your question!

This is indeed a special occasion, and should be celebrated in that way!
I'll give you some suggestions--some of them will be based on a pretty "liberal" budget, but hopefully you can pick and choose some that will be meaningful to you.

Since she just recently retired you should invite her former co-workers that she was close to. She most likely does not see them as often as she used to and this will surely brighten up her party.

Consider renting a room for the party--perhaps a banquet room at her favorite restaurant or club. This can often be easier than doing it at a private residence since the location can also handle food, drinks and cleanup.

Invite the kids and grandkids! Family is important and they would surely enhance her party.

Here's an idea for a gift--how about a trip or a cruise? When sending invitations to family and friends, ask that they donate to a "trip fund" instead of bringing a gift. This also lessens the burden on guests as they don't have to hunt around for the perfect gift. You can sign up for a free account on and guests can deposit funds to your account simply by having your email address.

Have a surprise party! These are still pretty effective party devices. Tell the wife, in advance, that you are planning a night on the town for just the two of you (which will include her favorite restaurant containing all the guests). Lower her expectations well ahead of party time and hopefully she'll be overcome by the outpouring of support at the party.

Consider hiring a band. Depending on where you live, there are normally several professional bands in the area. Find a small 3-4 piece jazz combo that will play good "party" music. Give them the heads up on some of your wife's favorite songs in advance so they can learn them. A smaller band like this would normally charge in the area of $200-500 to play for a few hours.

How about a book of fond memories? During the party pass around a book and pen where friends and family can leave some nice words about a fun time or experience they had with your wife. This is something she can look back on for years to remember.

Lastly, get help! I can't stress this enough! Find one or two of her personal friends that can help you put this thing together, or possibly some of your kids if they live close by. Work with a florist to put together a few arrangements--they might also have some ideas for decoration. I hope this has given you some good places to start on this journey!

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