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I am tossing my hat into the acting arena. I was recently

Resolved Question:

I am tossing my hat into the acting arena. I was recently cast in a production in a relatively small part, non paying, etc. A Letter of Agreement Non-Equity Actor "contract" was presented for signing. In this contract is written: Name and Likeness: Actor grants to producer the right to use his/her name, biography, photographs, likeness or recorded voice for promotional purposes by any means or medium. I understand it can be used to promote the "film project" and only this film project? To what extent am I relinguishing my rights of my future image, to promote the "hell" out of this company?

And, community service activities?....mentioned in contract, but.....?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Entertainment
Expert:  Teacher Editor replied 7 years ago.

This agreement does give the company the right to your images and name. This does mean that even outside this production, they can and probably will use the images to promote the company. Now, unless you become famous in the future, they will probably not use your name, but if you do, they may.


I used to sit on the board of a theater company and to be honest with you, this really can't be that detrimental to your career. These organizations are mostly non-profit so money will probably not be made from your name but it may help raise money to give others the opportunity to get into acting. If anything, it will give you publicity to make it easier for you to gain roles in the future, especially if this company feels that you made such a big impact that they want to promote your image and your name.

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