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Song bird 2009 here. Looking for Hugh.I have a harder

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Customer here. Looking for Hugh. I have a harder question for you. Last Christmas, I heard a version of "Hark the Herald Angels Sing." I believe that was the song, anyway. It was a most unique version. It was mostly acapella--female voice--sounding like anne Lennox.

It was a slower-- Haunting rendition ( with a Middle Eastern or haunted feel).

When I called the station the next day--they were not sure, but gave me the name:

KC Stratton? I never could locate the song. I have no idea if it was a new version/cover of the song released for Christmas last year, or if it is older.



Casey Stratton it is! He sounds like a female singer. Influences includes Sarah McLaughlin and Tori Amos. Here is a link:

If you can't get the album from this link, I would suggest going to his website and emailing him (, I believe). Don't know if this is out of print or not.

Thanks for the question!

Edited by Hugh on 10/15/2009 at 11:34 AM EST
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Cool Hugh, you have done it again. Don't know if you got other review--so I will duplicate just in case.


Thank You for the info. It allowed me to locate and download a song that has haunted me for years. It was actually 3 years ago I heard that song, not one. Thought of that after went off line.


I was on itunes doing my best to locate before this. I listened to Sooooo many not so good versions of Hark The Herald Angels. . . it was comical, almost. And of course I did not find it--until your help.


There is not a more unique or haunting version of the song out there. My music collection would not have been complete without it.


P.S. Ended up down loading the whole Album.


Thanks again.

song bird 2009 Laughing

So glad I could help you. I will say I agree with you. Stratton's version of "Hark" is by far the best I've ever heard. He actually went above and beyond and made something out of the song. Most artists just use the typical, conventional version.