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My Father is 95 and lived some experiences that could be turned

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My Father is 95 and lived some experiences that could be turned into exciting movies. He is still of sound mind and interesting and I would like to talk to a producer or director about using his story in a movie. Any ideas?
I am not in the movie business, but I am in the music business and it operates very much the same way in regard to opportunities. I do have some friends in the business.

The chances of getting a movie to a major director or producer are slim, but of course, always possible. Not trying to discourage, just offering a bit of reality. I know you've heard this before, I'm sure, but it does ring true. It is who you know. Getting to know people who know people is what it is all about.

That being said, you will need a script. This is your calling card, and essential to what you are doing. Your situation is like a songwriter who has great ideas, but has nothing written. There is nothing to showcase to industry professionals. So, the first thing you really need to do is this:

  1. Write down some of those ideas you are referring to.
  2. Think of ways these ideas could be woven into a movie. This is brainstorming. What kind of movie? Comedy, Drama, Adventure etc. What would be the theme of the movie? Again, all great songwriters have a "hook" to their is what makes it memorable. Conversely, all movies have a "hook" or theme that makes them viable.
  3. Once you come up with the theme - you need to establish and build upon your theme. Creating characters and personalities is a must. Remember, if you want this to fly, it needs to be salable - meaning it has to have appeal to a movie goer. Think in terms of entertainment. What would make someone want to see the movie?
  4. If this is all foreign to you, I would suggest soliciting the services of a screen writer. There are a ton of resources on line dedicated to this.
  5. The least you'll need is perhaps some "angles" on how these ideas could work for a movie. You are going to have to convince the screen writer to take on the project. This is like a "pitch."

Now in terms of the producer/director aspect.

  1. Start with a smaller scale director. These are small time directors, but are fanatical about their trade. Often, these people could be going to college for film, and may have the equipment. There are also other smaller director/producers who are always interested in a good script.
  2. "You" become the director. This ultimately take some help if you have no experience. You will need to know about basic filming, no doubt and you'll have to get equipment. Even a simple movie that has a good script can shine through.
Marketing the movie is an entirely different aspect. If you are serious about this, you will really need to develop a business plan to have a road map in terms of which way you are going.

If you want to go the major director/producer route, you can purchase directories, such as the Hollywood Creative Directory . There are many more out there. They include all the major players. Note, that like the music industry, many of the big movie houses do not accept unsolicited material; meaning unless they ask for it, they will merely just send it back. Some of them won't. Here is another resource: Again, there are so many out there.

Many aspire to do what you are doing. It can be very rewarding, but demanding. And it involves thick skin. Your determination will get you through much of it, if you hang on and are willing to do what it takes! Many prominent producers/actors started out small. Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, The Haxan Film Company (who produced and wrote "The Blair Witch Project"). The annual Sundance Film Festival is typically a stepping stone for indie film (Park City, Utah - January 21-31 2010).

Film costs are dependant upon quality. For instance, The Blair Witch Project was filmed for $20,000. Not bad for a movie that went on to major league status.

Edited by Hugh on 10/7/2009 at 4:01 PM EST
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