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I need to purchase a jacket (perhaps called a vest or waistcoat)

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I need to purchase a jacket (perhaps called a vest or waistcoat) similar to the one worn by the character Westley in the movie Robin Hood: Men in Tights.

Jacket is visible in the following images:



I'd like to help you out but have some questions. Are you looking to replicate the look of the characters in this movie--so you want something as identical as possible to the outfit? If so, what size do you think you would need? Is there a color preference or is style the most important feature you are interested in? I look forward to helping you.



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hi Jan,

Yeah, so basically, for better or wose, I bear an uncanny resemblence to the actor who played Westley in Robin Hood: Men in Tights. So for Halloween, I am going to dress as this character.

His jacket is distinctive, especially given its brass / metal studs and gromets, the low V-neck, the lack of a hood, and the shoulder / upper-arm fabric. These are the features I seek.

I would like the color to match as closely as possible, I believe the color to be XXXXX XXXXX. I would wear a medium (shirt collar is 16).

I have considered, but am not content with, these two vests: (wrong color, too short) (wrong shoulder, wrong color)

Neither of these seem long enough, especially because I will be wearing tights! They also lack the metal patterns. But I thought it might help to share a few items I found that had some similarity.

Thanks for your interest,


OK, that's good information. Let me do some sleuthing and I should be able to get back to you in an hour or less.



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Sounds good, I'll be here.

Still looking. Very limited selection of RH type costumes--they all look the same for the most part. I have seen none with lapels and, yes, they are short for wearing with tights! This may take a little longer. Also, whatever is available may have to be "tweaked" to customize it with grommets and leather laces to more closely resemble what you really want. I continue to look...



Hello again,


OK. What I have found is this: Medieval innkeeper costumes are either print or too "frilly" looking,pirate vests/costumes won't work, most vests do not have the regular sleeves--they are sleeveless or "cap" sleeves, most vests are very short which would make wearing tights a very "airy" experience, most vests do not have any type of grommet or metal adornments, and some vests have an attached cape or hood. All of this you probably found when you did your own search. I also looked on sites that featured movie replica costumes and genuine costumes for rental and there were none that fit the bill. HOWEVER, I did find something that just might work--with a few aftermarket touches. Check out this link:,336_361


As you can see it is relatively long and has the "v" cut you are after in the front and the regular sleeves that are similar to the ones on the vests from the movie. But, there are no laces or metallic accents on the vest, nor are there any lapels. If you are willing to pay a little bit more money to add to the costume, you can make a quick trip to the arts and crafts store (e.g., Michael's or Joanne Fabrics) and buy the grommets and punch (I believe they also make grommets you can affix by just using a hammer too) to use for lacing up the front and metal studs or grommets to use on the other parts of the vest. You can get leather laces for pretty cheap at the craft store too in many colors. Since the costume when purchased comes with a leather type flaps to go on top of a boot, you could also take both of the flaps and shape them/cut them into lapels, and sew/glue the "lapels" onto the vest. The shirt you wear under the vest will cover some of the lapels anyway. Also, if you hate the existing edging on the sleeves of the vest, you might be able to simply turn them up one hem length to get rid of that trim or you might be able to remove the trim if it's just sewn on the edge. The costume also comes with a shirt so you wouldn't need to buy one for your outfit. I would suggest you buy a "large" or "extra large" (if you have very broad shoulders or chest) if your neck size is a 16.


That's about the best I can do for you given the limited availability of Robin Hood type vests on the market. If you think my answer is acceptable, then that's great. If not, I'll opt out and pass on the task to another JustAnswer expert so that you can get what you need. My concern is that you are satisfied with your experience with this website and that you get the information you need. Or, if you need me to clarify anything I've provided and want additional explanation, etc., please let me know that too.



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