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Hi there,I tried to ask this yesterday but my PC packed it

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Hi there,
I tried to ask this yesterday but my PC packed it in!

How can I contact Keanu Reeves - the person.....not agents, managers or other "screening" personnel".

I live in South Australia - fortunately near the beautiful Barossa Valley which produces some of the world's finest wines, and of which I believe Keanu to appreciate.
I have been lucky enough to get a hard-to-obtain bottle of an exquisite Penfold's Grange - but I don't drink!

I am a middle aged woman with kids, not some teeny-bopper-nutter or fanatical fan. I'd just like to give this lovely wine to an actor I admire for his talent & artistry - but that I know it will actually reach him.

I don't seek anything in return whatsoever - no ulterior motives etc. LOL!
I'm too busy with kids and chaos for that (I have gone back to university). Although I will admit, a note or similar from the man himself would be an huge honour.

I hope you can help me!
Kindest regards,

If there are 6 Entertainment Experts online right now....can someone PLEASE look at my question? I know the time difference is problematic, but last night (my time) there were 5 experts online......and yet this morning (again - Australia time).....I still don't have an answer. Actually - I don't even have "an expert is looking at your question" - or whatever, type of notice Cry

Hello and welcome to Just Answer!

The truth of the matter is, you can not just contact the actor, you have to go through channels to reach him and possibly give the wine or wines to him.

I realize that is what you want is a clear phone number for him, but that's not possible.I might be able to find an address where he lives and you could send it there, but its also probable that he has more than one home.

Several experts have looked at your question, we just don't send messages letting you know that. If someone can answer it, or could then they would. But actors, don't have phone numbers in the yellow book like we do, its private so they can at least try to have as much as a private life as they can, since they are in the spot light so much!

I will look for a house address if you like, and I would suggest that you explain it to the person that opens the mail or box, that you just wanted him to have it.

There are so many people out there that send him things, I'm sure he has a secretary,who handles all this type of thing, but just let them know if he does get it, you would like a return note or letter from him so he lets you know that he received it!

Please remember to click the green accept button, if you agree with this answer, so the site pays me!

And,"POSITIVE FEEDBACK" only takes a moment and is "GREATLY APPRECIATED" by myself!
Here it is...

Mailing Address
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Good luck to you!

Please remember to click the green accept button, if you agree with this answer, so the site pays me!

And,"POSITIVE FEEDBACK" only takes a moment and is "GREATLY APPRECIATED" by myself!

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Hi there,


I do appreciate the time you have taken to reply to my question, which, BTW, was not specifically seeking this actors phone number! I'm not quite that naive !


However, the address you have given is one I have already found through self-research - along with many others. And no, these "roads don't seem to lead to Rome" to speak!


Not to mention, I thought Keanu is filming or sourcing areas in Buffalo for filming? (I could be mistaken).....and no, I don't expect an address or number to Buffalo - LOL!


I just wonder - Keanu must have an agent, manager, PR rep - someone with a name and address, who would perhaps take my gift seriously enough to make sure it was passed on to the actor and not just shoved aside. I understand actors needs for privacy in an ever-prying world, and Keanu especially, shies away from "fan mail" as he is not keen to feel responsible for anything it may contain.


I am hoping someone can source at least a name and address, for example, of someone who would know how to reach Keanu / pass on the gift and not just chalk it up to another "fan"........something other than a general office addy in LA.


I believe someone (who's name I can't recall) knows him well and is situated at an address in Crescent Height Blvd, LA.

Do you have further information regarding this person & address?


I may appear "difficult" and it is not my intention at all. I am just looking for expert answers beyond what an individual can source for themselves.


Thanking you,


I understand,without a name to go along with the address of Crescent Height Blvd. there may be nothing on it, but I will sure check!
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

That would be great.


I do also have the actual street number as well, but am wary of publishing it to a public domain - just as you may well not wish to publically disclose someone's private information, in case the info IS correct (i.e. leading to a person who knows or managers / PRs/ casts Keanu or similar)....and 'the masses' take the info and bomb the poor person(s).


I do hold great respect for their privacy. While their "fans" may maketh the man - help create their success, at least initially....they sure can be a pain in the you-know-what, I have no doubt!!


And Keanu - sure, he likes and needs fans, but after films like the Matrix trilogy, he will always have a following. He is no longer in the same "need-to-please" catagory as some that are starting out....IMHO. (Although I do believe he still strives to do this as any serious actor would..... and he tolerates a lot of intrusiveness with finesse to uphold what appears to be his patient and tolerant (public?) nature).


If I can help you any further I am more than pleased to. Although I do imagine it is 8 or 9pm where you are, but it is only 1pm in the afternoon here - lol !


Kind regards,


My computer was having problems last night, here is the information..

Creative Artist Agency XXXXX
Beverly Hills,California

Phone Nu.

You can find more information here..

I would suggest calling or e-mailing first, this agency is the agents for Keanu Reeves you will have to go through them, and put in your request or who to send it to. Once they know it is a safe request, because like I said it is too easy for people who misrepresent who they are and then can cause problems for the stars.

I know you say you are a good person, but unless you can prove that you are only trying to do a good thing, they will play it safe, then it will be up to him, I would request that he at least personally send a note letting you know he received it and is he pleased with it!

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