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Dear sir/madam, I am an independant videographer who

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Dear sir/madam,
       I am an independant videographer who shot some interviews of persons in my org. (Fraternaty). I would like to copyright the material that I shot to prevent it from being stolen from me. I gave a DVD copy to a person for viewing purposes upon his promise of payment. I billed the individual and he refuses to pay. He now states that the video and its content is the property of the orginization. Where do I stand and how can I get myself covered?

Dear ophigdrake,


The newest copyright laws state that the media copyright belongs to the camera man unless there is an agreement to the contrary, from the moment it is created.


You already have copyright, it does not have to necessarily be officially recorded, under the new rules.


You have the right to collect.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
So, am I to understand that if he tries to use or sell any or part of my work, he's liable?



if you tried to charge him and they would not pay, and you do not have an agreement or conditions stated prior to the work that all work belongs to the company, then yes.


Make sure you review any agreements you might have to make sure that langague is not in there.



Edward Johnson and other Entertainment Specialists are ready to help you