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I need to know the name of a song (and the musical group)...

Customer Question

I need to know the name of a song (and the musical group)... it's fairly recent (the last few years)... it begins with 10-15 seconds of a reverbed piano... three notes played over and over again until other musical instruments join in and make the song rather "hip". A guy does the vocals... decent enough performance, but he's not screaming or doing any vocal athletics. Any help? Jeff Stanton
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Entertainment
Expert:  Martin replied 8 years ago.
HelloCustomer welcome to Just Answer.

Can you give more info on the song? The more info, the better the chance one of us can remember it.

Do you have some glimpse of a word or phrase in the lyric?

Do you know how many they are in the band?

Any particular race?

What kind of instrument are used other than the piano?

Do you remember the look of the band, some kind of logo?

From what country is that band?

If you think of any other hints, please provide them.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I don't know many of the lyrics, but I recall one line beginning with "I close my eyes..." I don't know how many band members, but the lead singer definitely sounds "white". I would assume it's an American band... the singer didn't sound English. Again, the song starts off with a three note melody played over and over again on the piano, heavy with reverb. The three notes go down the scale--a note, a lower note, and the third note is one octave lower than the first note. The three note melody occurs pretty much throughout the song, but is covered up by "modern sounding" drums, heavy bass, and maybe a hint of guitar. One last thing--I heard the song a ton of times when I listened to the Loveline radio show (with Dr. Drew) when it was aired in Detroit. The show always used the song to introduce the last one-minute farewell segment before the show signed off. Hope this helps... Jeff Stanton