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My mom wants a tea for her 80th birthday. We want to use

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My mom wants a "tea" for her 80th birthday. We want to use a tearoom but my sisters & I cannot afford to pay for all the friends she wants to invite. Is it proper to send out invitations which say come help us celebrate her birthday & put the cost per person to have all the attendees pay for their own expense?
On the invitations, include language like:

"No-Host Tea"

"Tickets are $35 [or whatever price you decide] - Call {name and phone number } to obtain your ticket."

Also include:

"No gifts, please"

[by saving the guests the cost and hassle of obtaining a gift it will actually make it easier for them to decide to attend!]

Especially in today's economy, people will understand and those who are truly her friends will still show up and have a good time.

My own peer group does this sort of thing regularly for selected birthday parties.

Those are my thoughts.
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