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I purchased a TEAC GF-450K7 CD recorder with turntable/cassette

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I purchased a TEAC GF-450K7 CD recorder with turntable/cassette player. This unit has an SF-W37SGT made by SANYO. The owners manual says I must us CDs bearing the "DIGITAL AUDIO" mark. I have looked several places including TEAC electrical and have not been able to find a seller or source for this type of CD! Can you help me find a dealer so I do not continue receiving the D DISC message when I put in even a "digital vinyl" made by Verbatim obtained by special order from Best Buy?

Even though general purpose CD-R and CD-RW discs and their consumer audio versions appear for all practical purposes identical, only blank media bearing the "Compact Disc Digital Audio Recordable" (CD-DA Recordable) and "Compact Disc Digital Audio Rewritable" (CD-DA Rewritable) logos can be written in consumer audio recorders. The reason for this restriction is to comply with international copyright agreements. A special Disc Application Code present in the ATIP information of a CD-DA Recordable/Rewritable disc's pregroove wobble identifies it specifically for audio use. Consumer audio recorders are programmed to reject discs not containing the correct code. By adopting this safeguard various countries and other authorizing jurisdictions may selectively apply copyright levies to the price of blank discs intended for consumer audio use while exempting those destined for computer or professional applications.


OK, that may be too much information, but there you go! So to answer where you can get these CDs. I found these online:



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