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I am looking for a song from a local band that existed in wichita,

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I am looking for a song from a local band that existed in wichita, ks in 1998. The band is called "audio aggression device". The song I believe is called cation. It had radio play on 2 different radio stations that I know of, niether of which had any knowledge or concern with helping me. I've been searching in vain for 5 years. Is my search hopeless?
Well the answer to your question is that yes your search is probably hopeless. The best advice i could give you is if you can find anyone else who remembers this band and try to get names of any members. I would then try to contact those members via the more popular social networking sites such as facebook or myspace. If you can track down a member then they could probably get you a copy of this song. Other than that I imagine you have already done extensive searches online, unsuccesfully. So recommending google seems like a waste of time to me.
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