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Please help, need entertainment legal guidence!!

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I just joined a band from the United States who is signed to Universal (a lable), and is now trying to reach to international audiences. We have just incountered a minor problem with my age (19) with our international lables. They were verifying if all of us were 21. My band has replied, that I am not, and are awaiting a reply. I am no where near familiar with the laws in this area and am scared to death to lose my place in the band's line up. So help me sleep, and give me whatever info you have PLEASE! thank you.
In my experience they are usually concerned for when the group does shows at venues where anyone who enters must be 21 or older. We've gotten around it in the past, by ensuring in writing that the underage member would leave directly after the show, and would not go out into the club or venue area, but stay backstage in the dressing room. There are many underage performers in the world, and it's always possible to work things out. I hope that the labels will consider alternatives and not reject you simply because of your age. As I said, we've worked it out in the past with independent labels.

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