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I want to put together a fashion show for young overweight

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I want to put together a fashion show for young overweight girls to help build their self esteem. But I'm not sure were to start. I would like to hold this at a resturant or public place that we can also invite the public. In order to have prize money, I think I need some sponsors. How do I ask for their help?
Hello Kate,

I've done many events like this. Who are the prizes for?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

It will be a grand prize for one of the girls who win


Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Plus I will need some money for a place to hold this and to have flyers made up and run an ad in the paper. And to make sure all the other girls receive some kind of prize.

Do I need any kind of insurance to do this? Or a permit?

Hello Kate,

When I look for sponsors, I first consider what the prize/s will be. I usually do one grand prize with 2-4 secondary prizes and especially when dealing with young people, I will get a small statuette or plaque for EVERY girl that says something like "2008 participant in the "name of your event", so that each girl can come up and have something to take home. If not plaques or statuettes, then gift bags are a good idea too.

For the grand prize, you could approach a local gym and ask them to give her a 6 month free membership, they may even throw in three 3 month memberships for the follow up winners. You can talk to a local eating place like subway, and they may give you a months free subway subs (I'm thinking about the guy who ate certain sandwiches and lost weight), talk to your local weight watchers/jenny craig, etc...although I must say I'm not a big proponent of these services, so I would probably stick to subways. Also, you don't want the prize to say "your fat, lose weight", you really want the girls to feel good about themselves, so you could talk to local beauty salons and see who would provide free haircuts, free manicure/pedicures, massages, spa treatments, facials. Perhaps a local dentist would provide a teeth whitening or braces....a local sport shop could give you gift certificates, other items and stores you could talk to for grand prizes and/or gifts for the gift bags would be

outdoor items/sports items
books/magazine subscriptions

I hope this helps, let me know if you want to talk more

Ms Chase - JA Entertainment Mentor and other Entertainment Specialists are ready to help you
Hi Kate,

Permit or insurance would depend on the venue. For example if you do it at a school it would fall under their insurance. If you rent a venue, it would usually fall under their insurance, ditto if you do it at a club (renting a club during the day when they are normally closed) or a restaurant, their insurance would cover it.