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did Ron White the comedian die

Customer Question

Did ron white the comedian die
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Entertainment
Expert:  TemlynWriting replied 11 years ago.

Sometimes "Blue Collar" Comedian Ron White is not dead. In fact, he has a book being released this month, and is doing book signings throughout the country, as well as continuing his comedy tour! ( and

He has been the subject of some rumors that have spread since 2005, stating that he had died, but they are just that--rumors.

From Wikipedia:
In 2005, White was subject to Internet rumors of his death. He addressed the rumours on his website. The exact source behind the rumors is unknown, but it is thought that they may have arisen from his act on stage, where he mentioned he was involved in a serious car crash in Mexico that required a metal plate in his head. White jokes that when the doctor implanted the plate he said, "Be careful -- this plate is hot," which is what waiters and waitresses in Mexican restaurants usually say when they bring your meal to the table.

This link mentions some of the information on the rumor, and an interview with Ron:

Check out his official website:

Some more info on Ron White:

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