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Money spent on entertainment in the U. S. A. in 2004

Customer Question

How much money was spent on entertainment in the U. S. in 2004? Entertainment is relative to sports, musical concerts, movies, theatre productions,
Submitted: 12 years ago.
Category: Entertainment
Expert:  Dr WLS replied 12 years ago.
The USA Commerce department is always a few years late publishing that kind of statistics, but values are available for years up to about 2000 in the Statistical Abstract of the United States, which is available online at
(Refer to Sections 7 and 14)
For 1998, 4.9% of all personal consumption in the USA was spent on "Entertainment" and a higher fraction of 8.5% was spent on "Recreation", which includes admission fees to entertainment as well as things like magazines, sports and photo equipment,club membership dues, gardening supplies, radio/TV repair, toys and legal sports betting. According to figures on Table 418, only 5% of "total recreation" spending is for movie, concert, sports and other event "spectator admission" tickets.
Extrapolating to 2004, assuming the percent expenses on entertainment stayed the same, the total spent for "entertainment" per person would be
(0.049)(Gross Domestic Product per capita) $1800. Nationwide, that would be about 0.5 trillion dollars.