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I'm having some issues with my TSH levels. Currently my

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I'm having some issues with my TSH levels. Currently my level is at 6.4 and I take 75ug of Thyroxine. The doctor asked me to increase the dosage to 150ug and also test for antibodies. Isn't the value too high? Also, why do I need to test for thyroid antibodies now, I thought they should have asked me a while ago when I started the treatment, like 3-4 months ago.Thank you.

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There are no specific guidelines to increase the dose of Thyroxine. Thus to achieve control, physicians go by;

1) TSH levels.

2) Previous response to thyroxine on symptoms and thyroid function tests.

3) Free T3 and free T4 values.

I agree that sudden doubling the dose may be towards higher side.

The thyroid antibodies are done; in people who do not respond adequately to the thyroxine for very long time, symptoms keep on persisting, have family history of thyroid disease or there is goiter.

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Customer: replied 1 month ago.
I just need to mention one thing. I have first measured my TSH last year and the value was 7.5. I have been on Thyroxine 50mcg for about two months and the value went down to 2.5. I have kept taking Thyroxine 50mcg per day since I wanted to try for a baby. Now when I tested again I was surprised to see my value going up again, although I have been on the same level of Thyroxine for nearly a year. I must admit I stopped taking it for about 2 weeks or so, but I did not expect the value to rise so high again. However, I don't understand why last year I have responded quite well on 50mcg and now it feels like I'm struggling to get the value down with the same dosage. It's a different brand though - could also have an absorption effect? Maybe my body absorbs better the first one brand I took and not this one? Thank you.

The stopping of Thyroxine for 2 weeks can affect the result; though not so substantially but many time significantly.

Brands usually should not make a difference, but this can be a factor.

But chance of stopping the medicine would be more likely to affect TSH. So TSh should be repeated after taking it normally for at least 8 weeks.

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