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Dr Adi
Dr Adi, Professor
Category: Endocrinology
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Experience:  Director of the Pediatric Diabetes Clinics at UCSF.
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I've had health issues for a very time. After many years,

Customer Question

I've had health issues for a very long time. After many years, doctors and money, I am no closer to finding an answer. So far I've been told I have fibromyalgia, an unidentifiable (ischemic?) heart issue and bipolar disorder. Soooo, I've done my best to take all my mess, go to therapy and try to live as healthy as possible. I don't smoke, drink, do drugs, eat meat, no dairy but still the problems persist. I am 57 years old, female.
Main symptoms: confusion, extreme fatigue, body aches, leg cramps, heart palpitations, racing heart beat 150+ resting heart beat, low blood pressure (chronic), insomnia, mood swings, terrible menstrual cycles, 9 miscarriages, itchy skin, skin rashes, racing thoughts combined with confusion, depression (wouldn't you be?), intolerance to heat, often dizzy, faint and have had many fainting episodes. No family history with similar symptoms, mother is epileptic. Possible petit mal seizures. However, MRIs, seizure tests, blood work all negative. Tested for lupus, thyroid, graves, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, conversion disorder (right!) but problems persist. Frequent high ammonia levels, right flank pain. Gall bladder and uterus removed.
That's most of it. I'm a mess! Only thing still in good working order is my sense of humor! Anybody want to try giving me some ideas? I've not seen an endocrinologist but have seen every other Kind of doctor I get referred to. Merry go round for years with no answers. Quality of life is shit. Help??
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Endocrinology
Expert:  Dr. David replied 10 months ago.

This is Dr. David

I am sorry you are having so many issues.

many of your symptoms including mood swings, racing heart, racing thoughts, confusion, depression, can be due to your bipolar disorder and anxiety symptoms associated with it.

I hope you are taking your biploar medications

you may need additional anxiety medications and a beta blocker to help slow down your heart from your racing heart.

you need to get your thyroid levels checked to make sure you are not hyperthyroid.

you will benefit from regular exercise regimen to help decrease anxiety and help you sleep and improve your energy levels.

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
I take all my mess religiously, including bipolar mess. I also take fludrocortisone for low blood pressure, sleep melds for sleep (they change all the time) and I do not have insomnia. Interesting thing is my 26 year old son had many of my symptoms and was diagnosed with wolf-Parkinson's white syndrome, had surgery and is now fine. I have been ill for 30 years and am always dismissed with exactly the answer you gave. Thing is, I can't possibly "fake" my heart racing, fainting, dizziness, pain, insomnia, etc. despite all this, I remain optimistic of finding an answer someday. Too bad doctors like you make patients like me think we are crazy. Just because you went to medical school does not make you any better if you care nothing for giving real help and not just going to the shortest answer. Shame on you doc!! All my info and you toss me aside in less than a minute. Hope you experience bad health yourself one day and some smart, young doctor tells you the same thing you just told me.Needless to say, I am not satisfied and will not be paying your fee.Have a good night, doc. My search will continue..
Expert:  Dr. David replied 10 months ago.

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