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Swollen lymphnode and thyroid nodule: about a month ago I

Customer Question

Swollen lymphnode and thyroid nodule: about a month ago I started to have pain on one side of my mouth, an ulcer in the far back corner (left side)...I've gotten ulcers in my mouth for years now. I had a hard time opening my mouth fully and I had a tender/swollen
lymphnode on that side of my neck. I went to the doctor who noticed I had enlarged tonsils as well but couldn't identify a clear infection. She put me on doxycycline (my mouth got better due to the healing of the ulcer) and my lymphnode stopped hurting and
got a little smaller but was still large/bulbous compared to the other side of my neck that was completely flat. I started to get worried and I would touch it a lot. It is rubbery feeling and I can move it from side to side. I went. Back to the doctor who
this time put me on acyclovir for my ulcers but wasn't concerned about the node. This week it's been a month I had this swollen lymphnode it flattens sometimes and I can push it around but it never goes down. I went to the ER who did bloodwork which wound
up being all normal. They sent me back to the doctor who ordered an ultrasound. The ultrasound found that my lymphnode wAs enlarged and that I have a nodule on my thyroid that measures 1.9 and at 2 they start doing biopsies so I am being referred to an endocrinologist
and that will take awhile so in the meantime I am very worried that I have thyroid cancer that has spread to my lymphnode or lymphoma. I am 28 and am otherwise healthy. They did blood counts and sed rate all of which were good. The node is located in the center
of my thyroid gland. I am VERY worried about this. I had my thyroid function tested back in the spring bc my rheumatologist thought it was larger than normal but it all came back normal. They re tested it yesterday but I haven't heard yet. But anyway, I am
pretty worried that the node and lymphnode may be connected in terms of cancer and I am worried. Your honest opinion would be appreciated. Thank you!
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Endocrinology
Expert:  DocPhilMD replied 2 years ago.

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