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My wife has been diagnosed with Multiple System Atrophy

Customer Question

Hi, my wife has been diagnosed with Multiple System Atrophy (MSA), for 3 years now. Se has gate and balance problems as if she is drunk, low blood pressure 110/70 as average, always thirsty, loss of hair, slurred speech. She is seeing a new doctor now for past 6 months specializing in movement disorders. He stated he agrees that she has many symptoms of MSA. He also stated that he read in her medical chart that she was diagnosed around the same time 3 years ago with pre- hashimoto disease. No medication was ever given for this, then the Endocrinologist stated just watch? The new movement disorders doctor has said he has researched that a type of Hashimoto disease effects the gate and balance and he wants to try a injections for 3 days in spinal cord with "Solumedrol". He states that he has noticed some numbers in last bloodwork which were way too high that makes him want to trial this. My question is has "Solumedrol been used for this gate and balance associated with a form of hashimotos? Also what are the side effects?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Endocrinology
Expert:  Dr. David replied 2 years ago.
This is Dr. David

hashimotos is a type of autoimmune disorder where the body makes antibodies which can attack the body

she needs to see a rheumatologist and get special blood work to check if she has anti dsDNA antibodies and other autoimmune antibodies to check for lupus and other autoimmune disorders

her MSA could be from her body making antibodies which could be attacking her spinal cord or brain

solumedrol is a steroid which helps decrease inflammation and helps suppress the immune system in local areas

it might help in the spinal cord and she might benefit from systemic steroid therapy if she has an autoimmune disorder

but she needs more testing to know for sure

let me know if you have questions.