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Dr Eisenbud
Dr Eisenbud, Board Certified Physician
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I have high thyroglobulin antibodies (>400) and now thyroid

Resolved Question:

I have high thyroglobulin antibodies (>400) and now thyroid nodules have been detected, one as large as 1 cm. In addition, I have several hypothyroid symptoms, such as IBS, fatigue, low energy, inablility to sleep, hair loss, dry skin, chipping nails and numbness, achiness and tingling in right shoulder and arm(that is so painful that it often wakes me up in the middle of the night and I can no longer leep). I am being told by my doctor that my thyroid does not require treatment at this time and I am being considered for a biopsy of the nodule. This scares me, as it will be done at a facility other than a hospital. I have heard horror stories of people having their cancers interrupted by a medical procedure, only to be followed by araped spread of the cancer. Am I just opening a cn of worms that can never be closed? I would value your opinion.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Endocrinology
Expert:  Dr Eisenbud replied 5 years ago.
It soounds like you have chronic thyroiditis(Hashimoto's disease) although the best test is with TPO antibodies(much higher correlation then thyroglobulin antibodies). I would recommend that if the TPO antibodies are high and your TSH is in the upper half of normal or high that you be treated with l-thyroxine in a high enough dose to lower the TSH to 1.0. This may help many of your symptoms but it usually takes several weeks for the complete effect. We usually recommend that thyroid nodules of 1cm or larger be biopsied...this is a fine needle aspiration(FNA) and is both safe and accurate. Its likely that the nodule is just part of the Hashimotos but it should be proven. Lowering the TSH(if high-normal or high) will prevent the nodule from growing if it is due to Hashimotos. The diets you mentioned are healthy but have no effect on the thyroid.
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