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I was pulled out of work on administrative leave due to

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I was pulled out of work on administrative leave due to retaliation. My manager announced to all my coworkers at briefing that I was out of work due to my son being sick. My son is not sick and she shouldn't have said anything. Did she break any privacy laws by announcing this? If so which law did she break?
Your manager did not exactly violate your privacy since she did not reveal why you were actually out on administrative leave. However by telling people your son was sick she said something that was not true and could mislead coworkers as far as the negative situation at work which could also affect them. She probably felt she just had to give some reason why you are and sad. You are certainly free to contact your co-workers and tell them the real reason. However she possibly violated your rights by Raquel Atari suspension or termination. Therefore you have a right to go to the HR department and complain that this is retaliatory and if you get no action there the next step would be the state employment office labor board complaint about retaliatory suspension which is against the law. You could also mentioned that she lied to your co-workers about your son being sick.
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Customer: replied 6 days ago.
I was sexually targeted by a coworker and since then his girlfriend, who also works with us, has harassed me relentlessly. I finally filed harassment because my manager refused to help me because she only favors men. The co-worker who sexually targeted me is the favorite employee so my harassment case was thrown out without being investigated, they claimed I had no witnesses which was false and I documentation to prove I did have witnesses. Instead of speaking to my witnesses about the case they flipped one, tried to flip another, and scared off my third one. 17 days after my "supposed" harassment meeting which turned into an interrogation about irrelevant things I was pulled out of service. The witness they flipped said we spoke about the case. I was told by the union to keep my witnesses in the loop and it wasn't a confidentiality breach to speak to them. So now United Airlines is claiming I broke confidentiality by speaking to my witness and are pursuing termination. This is total retaliation for filing. I was denied union representation by them 3 times and I have filed a complaint with the EEOC and Civil Rights Commission here in Hawaii. I'm just waiting to hear back from them and pray they pick up my case.
Customer: replied 6 days ago.
Also my flipped witness recanted her statements, but United is still using them. We even have the emails from the investigator lying to my witness to get her to talk.
Customer: replied 6 days ago.
I have currently been out of service from work for 13 weeks. It is paid leave because it's United policy to pay employees under investigation if suspended which I know is a way to protect themselves, but what they're doing is retaliatory. HR on my case is actually friends with the guy who sexually harasses women at work and was the one who threw out my case.
One of the rules for filing a harassment case with Department of Employment is that you must have exhausted all internal remedies first. It certainly appears that you've done that. It's time to file a complaint with the labor board regarding all this harassment and retaliation Tori suspension which is against the law. Also the labor board may give you a letter saying you have a right to sue or at the same time you can contact and employment attorney. It looks like you have a good case for harassment and for retaliatory termination or suspension as in your case. If you contact your State Bar Association they usually have a good referral service. They will give you the names of several attorneys who deal with employment law. The first consultation is usually free or low-cost and may even be done on the phone. You can then decide how you want to go forward with this case. Even the labor board case appears to be good enough that you will probably be off at a somewhat large settlement. Luckily you are being paid during this trying time.
Customer: replied 6 days ago.
I know I can prove retaliation, harassment, and sex discrimination. I have an amazing union rep who has done everything she can and presented facts etc. She's in total disbelief on what they're doing and has never seen anything like it. The girl who was harassing me got a hold of 2 year old Facebook messages from her ex boyfriend who contacted me. By the way this harassment has been ongoing for two years! There was no harassment in theses messages, nothing saying I was harassing her, and nothing saying anything bad about the company but United is trying to use them against me saying it looks bad I spoke to her ex-boyfriend about her when he's the one who found me. How is this relevant to my case in anyway??? I will definitely contact the labor board and I'm waiting to hear back from the EEOC and Civil Rights Commission. I literally went through every avenue I could to get the harassment stopped and now they're trying to fire me for it. I just want my job back, compensation, and hopefully some people will be fired over this. Also I couldn't find anything on Raquel Atari online. Could you send me a reference to that?
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Customer: replied 6 days ago.
Thank you