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Roy Hadavi
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I was called to a meeting today that turned out to be them

Customer Question

I was called to a meeting today that turned out to be them telling me I stole from the company. The other day my mgr said if I broke up my transactions she had a coupon that she would let me use on each one which I agreed. They said I knew this was stealing from company & want me to pay the $ back. I said ok. They asked me why I did it & I said I didn't think of it the way they presented it but yes I did do that. They have put me on suspended pay & will let me know if I'm fired or if he will prosecute me ($40). He says he also has up to a year to prosecute me if I discuss this with anyone, I'm assuming he means the mgr cause they have not talked to her yet. Why suspend me with pay & can they prosecute me? He told me after 30 mins of me not knowing it was about theft that he could have me arrested if I don't cooperate & admit to it. I've never been in trouble in my life! So I signed saying I did this(which I did use her coupons) he also said he has me on tape using a coupon & getting free item. Idk know what he's talking about but he said I scan the coupon & bag the candle & leave with it. I put in my statement I didn't know what that incident was. He said it was 2 candies but only making me pay for the one. Any advice?
JA: The Lawyers require payment for their services. It's way less expensive on JustAnswer than face-to-face would cost. Because employment law varies from place to place, can you tell me what state this is in?
Customer: Alabama
JA: What action has been taken so far? What's your ideal outcome?
Customer: Idk I'm on paid leave & said I would know in a couple days if I'm fired. He said the company lawyer has the right to prosecute me by some civil law every state has
JA: Anything else you want the lawyer to know before I connect you?
Customer: No that's all I know
Submitted: 1 month ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  Roy Hadavi replied 1 month ago.

Hi. My name is ***** ***** I am a licensed attorney. I would be happy to provide assistance. Please give me a moment to formulate a response. Also, please keep in mind that our conversation does not include an attorney-client relationship and this is for general information purposes only.

Expert:  Roy Hadavi replied 1 month ago.

Alabama is an at-will employment state. That means that either you or the employer can terminate the employment relationship at any time for any reason or no reason at all. The limitation is that employers cannot terminate an employee for an illegal reason, such as discrimination or retaliation for exercising an employee's legal right.

As for the prosecution, they may pursue legal action against you both in civil and in criminal court, depending on the circumstances. From the information you provided it is not clear that they have enough evidence to present to the police in order for them to pursue criminal action, but that does not mean that they will not try.

As for the civil side, they may bring a civil suit against you, but if you have already paid back all the amount you allegedly stole, they really would not have a claim.

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