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My local town in pennsylvania recently pass a noise

Customer Question

Good afternoon my local town in pennsylvania recently pass a noise orderence my father has a registered emotional support dog. We have received in the mail a citation for the dog barking before 8am my neighbor who is the other half of my twin is the one who called the police. We have pled not guilty and are going to court at the end of the month. We have two more citations pending we haven't received them yet.What do you recommend we do
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  Legalease replied 1 year ago.

Hello there --


You are actually being proactive in getting an estimate for sound proofing -- but it would be best for you if you bring to court the doctor certification that the dog is an emotional support dog, proof of the veterinarians treatment and a written estimate of the soundproofing so that you can show the court that you are not simply ignoring the complaints. Because what you have here is a new noise ordinance and what appears to be a minimal number of complaints, you may end up having to pay a fine but it generally takes a lot more complaints and negative interactions with neighbors before the town would actually order that the dog be removed from the home because it is a nuisance with the barking. Another thing you might offer is to use a muzzle on the dog in the early morning hours if you can do it -- I had a beagle who suffered from separation anxiety and the neighbors could hear him howling all day long (and I live in a standalone house !) and a muzzle worked for the times when we were not at home. I know it sounds cruel but there are muzzles that you can get from or through your vet that permit eating and drinking -- it just prevents the dog from opening his mouth enough to cause loud barking or howling. Then if you get the soundproofing installed and it works, you may not have to continue to use the muzzle on the dog any longer.


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