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My husband worked for GM 25 yrs was.a salaried Radiator

Resolved Question:

My husband worked for GM 25 yrs was.a salaried Radiator Inspection Foreman retired 1993 His first wife died then 7 yrs sago we married . I notified them to be put on his medical insurance, we assumed his pension would be automatic. Found out GM rule that unless we told them within an 18 mo window I his second wife would be untitled to his pension They said no WE WERE not notified of 18 mo rule. So my husband would divorce me then re-marry & NOTIFY them!!! Will divorce then re marry in a month because don't want to go to long without health ins Like re marry in a month Is this legal thanks
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  Legalease replied 1 year ago.

Hello there --


Actually, it is perfectly legal and a great idea. You can get no fault uncontested divorce paperwork at the clerk's office of the court in the county where you live and it generally takes three to six months to complete a divorce. You can simply tell the court that you have reached an amicable divorce agreement between yourselves and it should have no problem being approved. Once you get the final divorce decree in the mail there is nothing preventing you from going to the civil clerk's office in your city or county and ask to take out a marriage license and then ask a justice of the peace to marry you again. Just make sure that you complete the marriage forms correctly with the number of marriages and that you are both divorced and you should be allset with the pension issue. Regarding the health insurance, the company might bill you the premium for the month or two that you are technically divorced but they really have no other recourse against you on that angle. Just make sure you notify them immediately of the divorce and then immediately of the marriage/remarriage so they cannot claim that you waited too long this time.


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