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My company told me in June that I was going to lose my job

Customer Question

My company told me in June that I was going to lose my job because I was the only one working remotely and they wanted me with the other engineers. I asked about a relocation package but all conversations ended up being over the phone. In one email to my boss, I asked him about it saying "what's going on with the relocation package, I'm kinda freaking out because I'm due to move in a week". He never responded. I've been with them for almost 5 years and working remotely the entire time since my date of hire. I packed my house by myself, loaded a u-haul, towed my car and drove 1700 miles. I arrived on a Saturday to the new town, on Monday and Tuesday, they took my personal time because I didn't show up for work. I was to report to the office on the 1st but the apartment I leased, backed out and I had no place to live. They have done nothing to help me out in any way. He even expected me to physically move all my belongings into my new apt with no help. He came to help with the sofa and told me to grab the other end. I refused. I weigh 110 lbs, it was 110 degrees out and the sofa had to go uo to a second floor apt. This has been horrible and the only help I got, was them paying for the u-haul, gas and food for my***** Can they actually take my personal time without telling me? I now now live in Texas with a child in NY and one in CA. My rent is $1000.00 and nobody told me the prices online were a joke. I have a mortgage in ny. It feels like they are suffocating me and have no thoughts to the finanical burden they put me under. Whats worse, they're taking my personal time for it without telling me. Thats' the time I use to visit my daughter. I was in the new state one month from the phone call. I have since found that they have taken my personal time at other times...I just wasn't aware of it. I am salaried. If I work 7 hours, they take the 8th. At times, they've taken an entire day. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I never got a contract and that conversation was always avoided by them.
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  Marsha411JD replied 11 months ago.


Thank you for the information and your question, and I am sorry to read about your situation. Can you tell me if you were dealing with HR in regards ***** ***** move and the issue of your PTO (I assume that is what you mean by "personal time")? Have you read the employee manual or other guidance on PTO and how it will be charged and what does it say?

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